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Desk Better Challenge

What is the Desk Better Challenge?

Do you:

  • sit a lot?

  • work at a computer and/or work from home?

  • experience stiffness and discomfort as a result?

  • worry about your posture?


This challenge is designed for anyone one who sits a lot! It's primarily designed for desk workers but it's great for anyone sitting for long periods. If you're a home worker, there are some great tips to make your home setup better. There are also suggestions you could get your employer to help with.


This 10 part short video series is designed to be used during your working day to help you to:

  • sit better

  • reduce aches and pains from sitting a lot

  • feel more comfortable while you are at your desk

  • improve your posture and mobility.


What you get:

  • 10 short videos - one each working day for two weeks

  • daily emails reminders with video links

  • help on setting your desk up in a way that supports your body

  • increased body/desk awareness

  • exercises to help with common desk related issues

  • access to the series for six months from sign up.

Sign up now to improve your desk working experience!

Just £47 for six months access to this 10 part video series.

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